Women of Campus View

Women of Campus View is a ministry that seeks to serve and support the life and works of the Campus View congregation through each phase of our journey on earth. Women of any age can find a place to use their gifts and talents to serve God, the church and the Athens community through the many opportunities that make up Women of Campus View.
Women of Campus View ministries:
  • Encouragement – Participate in the joy of encouragement by being a part of a CV shower group to celebrate weddings or an expectant mother, encourage a new mother when her baby arrives, mentor a younger woman or let members who are sick or shut-in know how much they are loved through this ministry.
  • Fellowship – Build and strengthen relationships between women by helping to plan socials, bi-annual ladies’ days or retreats, or coordinating field trips for women as a part of this important and fun ministry.
  • Service – Being there to help in myriad ways makes up this ministry opportunity. We provide meals for the sick, support for families who have faced the loss of a loved-one, and assistance for a bride who will use the Campus View building for her wedding. Overseeing the Campus View kitchen facility and creating current, attractive bulletin boards to keep the CV members informed are parts of the Service ministry.
  • Education – Life-long learning is the focus of this ministry that not only covers Bible and faith studies on Sundays and Wednesday nights, but also seeks to help build a woman’s strength through self-help and how-to classes in a more social setting.
  • Outreach – Campus View is a transitional congregation by virtue of its location across the street from the University of Georgia. New families are added to our number regularly and this ministry seeks to help those families find their place and feel at home at Campus View. Outreach also looks beyond our doors on South Lumpkin Street to identify opportunities the Women of Campus View might participate in community activities of service and help.
  • Support – The Women of Campus View support all the ministries and activities of the Campus View church of Christ. When there is a need for extra hands, ideas or encouragement, the Women of Campus View are available to pitch in.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Tuesday, July 11, 2017