The Campus View family offers a variety of adult classes Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  These classes seek to engage one another in conversation as we seek to live out the teaching and message of the Bible. 
Age/grade appropriate classes are available for children from toddler age through high school on Sunday mornings. Wedensday evening Adult & Youth Group classes are offered. Please click here to see a descritpion of Wednesday evening activities for children and their families.


Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study, 9:00-9:45
Sunday Adult Classes: Matthew
The Main Adult Class will sit at the feet of the Messiah Jesus and learn from his life and teachings as presented by the Gospel of Matthew.
The Young Families Class will allow the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapters 5-7 to inform and center our thoughts on how we go about our relationships and responsibilities-  As spouses who serve each other and as parents who raise young children, guide adolescents through their formative years, and prepare sons and daughters for baptism and service in God’s kingdom.  We’ll also touch on how Jesus’ teaching gives us wisdom for our conduct as neighbors and co-workers in the places where we live and work. 


Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Study, 6:30-7:30
Both textual studies (centered on a particular bible book) and practical, Christian-living classes for all ages are offered throughout the year on Wednesday nights.

On Wednesdays beginning 1/4, we’ll be studying 1st & 2nd Samuel. These books demonstrate God’s power, His care for His people, and provide information that helps us understand the New Testament better. This will be a discussion based class, and there are some great questions raised in these scriptures. There’s also some very practical applications for our lives today. Please join us!