Right Steps

After receiving her doctorate from the University of Georgia in the late 1990s, Chi Ekwenye returned home to Port Harcourt, Nigeria where she founded Right Steps which serves homeless women and destitute or orphaned children.
Right Steps serves through several projects.  Susana Homes, a residential facility, provides homes for orphaned, destitute or homeless infants, children and teens. Through a skills training program at Susana Homes, destitute mothers and older children are taught skills and trades enabling them to live independent lives and find success in society. Over the past ten years, Susana Homes has cared for more than 100 children.
Nwanyieze Memorial Clinic was established through Right Steps to provide basic healthcare needs for the residents of Susana Homes as well as area residents.  The clinic also sponsors campaigns to teach and reach out to local residents.
Right Steps provides spiritual guidance to the community through the planting of local churches including The Church of Christ at Susana Homes which was established in 1998.
The hallmark ministry of Right Steps is a Christian school where over 250 children from the community are educated daily.  
 Campus View has been active is sending people and materials to Susana Homes.  In 2008 Campus View raised the money to build a new wing at Right Steps Christian School which will serve the younger students in the school. In 2014 Campus View took on several projects for Susannah Homes, including repairing one of the village water pumps, enclosing a new structure for use as a chapel, repairing play groounds, and furnishing new bicycles for the children. Campus View continues to financially support the school.

Correspondence to Chi or Right Steps can be sent to:

Right Steps Inc
145 Technology Parkway 
Suite 200
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092