Go Honduras

In concert with Mission UpReach teams from Campus View have traveled to the village of El Porvenir, Honduras to embody the gospel through medical clinics, Bible Schools, sports clinics, and community service.

In March 2010 a team helped organize and set up a medical brigade where 834 patients were seen by doctors and received prescription medicines. In May 2010 a team conducted a daily basketball clinic at the local school and painted the local health center and bus stop. Other teams provided Children's Bible classes and activities. Through these community outreach projects, local churches were strengthened and the mission of the kingdom was shared through Campus View and local Honduran Christians. We delight in the fruit of many people giving their lives to Jesus. 
In July of 2014 48 believers from Campus View traveled to Santa Rosa de Copan to partner with Mission UpReach. The team from Campus View included teens, college students, and adults ranging in age from 13 to 82! It included people with medical gifts and language gifts from Memphis, Chicago, Washington DC, and the Athens area. This effort reached both Santa Rosa and several outlaying villages.
Team members participated in a medical mission in a remote mountain village, an eyeglass clinic, teaching stories of Jesus in rural schools along with crafts and games, an afternoon basketball clinic at a local park, and constructing a new workshop/garage for Mission UpReach.
The team blessed and received a gracious blessing through our engagement with over 1000 Hondurans over the course of our week in the country. Thank be to God!
Campus View is currently praying and in discernment about the timing and frequency of our Honduran trips. We are excited for the opportunity to begin shouting "Go Honduras" again!