Campus View College Ministry

Welcome to the Campus View College Ministry at Campus View church of Christ. Our family of faith moved its location to the University of Georgia over 40 years ago and over the years has relished the opportunity to love and serve hundreds of UGA students. Campus View is a diverse church that strives to create an atmosphere of welcoming and acceptance. You’ll find we value the teachings of Jesus- and we hope you’ll experience the love He modeled through our worship times, classes, and the variety of ways we share our lives.
The students that have been part of our faith journey while studying at UGA have enriched our church life too! Some have served in our church’s ministries, others have become “adopted” members of our homes, and we find that our perspectives and faith become renewed through the lives of students who come here from places far and wide.
Our door is open wide and we hope that you will feel treasured here as someone deeply loved by God! If you’re looking for that “home away from home,” come and check us out.

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