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2017 Theme: Love God/Serve People

As part of our “Togetherness in Christ” (Phil 1:1), the followers of Jesus at Campus View are dedicating themselves to meditating on a weekly reading and prayer in 2017.  They are important aspects of our theme for this year!

Weekly Readings
Weekly Prayers


Spiritual Practices

From the Gospels we understand that Jesus entered into spiritual practices that nourished the life of God within him. We see Jesus engage in fasting, prayer, meditation of Scripture, solitude, and retreat so that he could open his life for spiritual formation.
As followers of Jesus we seek to undertake communal and personal practices so that we can intentionally block out the confusion and distraction around us and devote periods of time to seeking, listening, and submitting our lives to God.
Below you’ll find practices we are sharing as a church family as well as resources that can help foster a more purposed inner life with God.
After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray. (Matthew 14.23)
Guided Readings and Devotionals:
Rule of Life
A short summary of Jesus' Teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. Concise enough to be read every morning as we prepare to go into our world.
A Year with Jesus
one chapter each day as you progress through the Gospels and Acts. Add to your reading meditation, the Lord's prayer, and a Messianic text from Isaiah. Through the year you will read the stories and teachings of Jesus three times.
Read the pivotal texts that trace the Story of God with his people. Engage the major books of the Old Testament and all four Gospels. A 6-day reading schedule.


Short videos on spiritual practices
fasting, prayer,
study, meditation,
sabbath, examine, etc

Click here for Embraceing God's Presence - The Lord's Prayer

Suggested Resources for Spiritual Practices:
The Good and Beautiful God Trilogy (James Smith)
Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices that Transform Us (Adele Calhoun)
Sacred Rythms (Ruth Barton)
Life of the Beloved (Henri Nouwen)
Real Simplicity (Randy Frazee)
The Practice of the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence)