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August 2017 Sermon Series


Between.  That’s an interesting description of time and space. In-Between seems like a good word to use to describe the place of God’s people in many parts of scripture. Between aptly describes the journey of God’s people told in the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy. God called Moses to lead his people out of one land and into a promised land. They left Egypt and headed for Canaan. But these books of scripture speak little of either land, and mostly about the time in-between.
A time God really never told Moses, their leader, about when he first called him.
A time that lasted 40 years.
A time of difficulty, struggle, transience, and unsettledness.
A time in-between where they had left and where they wanted to be.
Have you ever felt in-Between? Do you feel a sense of unsettledness? Are you in a place that seems transient, maybe uncomfortable or even difficult, waiting for something to develop? Is between a description of your job situation, or a relationship with someone, or a issue with your health, a stage your working through with your children, or a deep internal struggle on-going in your life?
For the next four weeks we’re going to the desert with Moses and God’s people, into betweenness, to see what God may have to say to us who face the challenges and difficulties when life is in-Between.