Like all families and all churches, Campus View has a story. Almost four decades ago an intrepid group of visionary Christians who were meeting as a Church of Christ on Prince Avenue felt the call of God to move as close as possible to the UGA campus. Simultaneously a group of houses located in Five Points became available for purchase as a unit.  The banks felt there was too small a group to support such a great vision, so a fairly large part of that small group signed personal notes to back up the loan to purchase the property - proving the determination of the group to reach out to the college students.

Because of the vision and the location the new church was called Campus View church of Christ. The Campus View building was constructed on the middle three properties while one of the remaining houses was renovated to become home to the Georgia Christian Student Center
Our undergraduate campus ministry to UGA has remained a vital and thriving part of Campus View. But the membership at Campus View also includes numerous UGA doctoral candidates, as well as many UGA staff and faculty members. 

Campus View also found a ministry in its local neighborhood- the eclectic Five Points community. God has blessed this gathering so that its current members are drawn from all over greater Athens and surrounding communities.
The Churches of Christ have their roots in a pioneer renewal movement of the 1820’s known as the Stone-Campbell Restoration. The original intention of Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell was to encourage greater unity among the followers of Jesus through a return to the simple message of Scripture. Even those early founders had roots; they came from Presbyterian, Methodist, Anabaptist, Mennonite, and other traditions.

Campus View appreciates many things about her historical roots. We hope to benefit from the good and Godly things that the Stone-Campbell Restoration has nourished in us.  Yet Campus View desires not to be defined by its historical roots in the churches of Christ, but by its on-going desire to love God fully and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We hope that our vision of Jesus, fueled by God’s Spirit and our study of Scripture, remains the guiding light of Campus View for both the present and the future- as we Know, Grow, and Go!