Welcome to Campus View

We’re a group of very diverse people from all over the Athens region who come together as followers of Jesus in the heart of Five Points, right across from the UGA campus.  Campus View treasures our mixture of senior citizens, established families, young professionals new to the area, college students, and a vibrant group of teens and children.
We share a common calling. We’re learning together what it really means to follow the ways of Jesus - to be people who foster relationships, invigorate our communities and enhance the lives of others. Maybe that’s something towards which you might sense the leading of God in your life.
We welcome all fellow searchers and seekers!
Campus View is located on Lumpkin Street. Two long drives funnel all vehicles to the rear of the building, where you’ll find all of our parking.
You can locate entrance doors on the sides of the building- just head for the covered drop-off entrances.
Once you enter, the classes are towards the back of the building (children upstairs), and the auditorium is located toward the front of the building.
Worship Gathering
When you visit Campus View for our worship gathering you’ll discover a uniqueness that stems from our journey- where we have come from and how God’s Spirit now leads us.
We gather weekly around the table of Jesus, sharing bread and juice as a sign of unity and our pledge to give our lives as He gave his.
In our Sunday morning gatherings we sing in the a cappella musical tradition (without musical instruments). That’s part of our heritage, and we hope it encourages a more robust sharing of our voices and praise. We tend to balance traditional and contemporary songs and styles of worship because the make-up of the Campus View family is so diverse.
You’ll also see our unity in Jesus expressed in the way we share and serve each other in our assemblies. Brothers, sisters, or entire families may read a word from Scripture, serve each other the bread and cup, or share about the good things God has done in our lives. Our church includes octogenarians, sons and daughters, moms and dads, college students… we honor and value the gifts and services of every person who loves Jesus!
Our services are fairly informal as to dress and decorum.
Child-Care Concerns
A well-maintained, staffed nursery is provided for children from infant to age three during our worship gathering.
Children ages 3 through kindergarten accompany their parents to the auditorium for approximately 15 minutes. Just before the sermon they are released to Glory Garden- a great time of fun, worship, and learning for our young children. The Glory Garden is located on the second floor of the church building.


What is Worship?